This should not be a political issue, but a right and wrong issue that cuts across political lines. However, since one side (the Ds) basically control most educational institutions and thought, it is that side's belief system that is causing the problems. And that same side never holds themselves accountable nor do they admit they are wrong. And finally that same side is not the side that builds things (other than bureaucracies), but tears things down.

So, why should we expect anything different from them, when it is apparent to all that their policies failed. So they are tearing down high standards to try to achieve appearance that their policies ARE working. But when the real appearance is that they are not working, then they go political and claim it is conservatives causing problems.

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”It isn’t ‘equity’ to fail gifted students,” Wall Street Journal, Letter, Em. Prof. Linda Karges-Bone, March 1, 2023.

It is not equity. Rather, it the most vile of wrong way evil.

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